Group Dates

Group Dates is an event where a group of 8 or more of us go to a live performance and have dinner and/or a drink as well as some sort of exclusive interaction with the artistic team of the show.


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Archive of Past Offerings

Polymer Dance

Photographer: Jose R. Teres

In October 2012, I started Polymer Dance with a long time collaborator of mine Miriam Esquitín. This contemporary dance performing group and class is aimed at non-professional dancers with previous dance experience. It provide participants an hour of weekly technique training with an additional 30 minutes of performance preparation and improvisation.

Let me curate Vancouver Arts & Culture for You

I pay much attention to what is happening in Vancouver’s arts & culture scene.

I send emails to those who are interested in what I think is the most interesting in terms of performance, volunteer and philanthropic opportunities. Let me know what you’d like to know about. I am also happy to customize to your interests and desires, contact me directly for those options.

I promise to send no more than 2 emails in any one month across all these topic areas.

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Archive of Past Recommendations

Live Performing Art Writings

From time to time, I write about the performing arts in Vancouver.

Vancouver Fringe Festival Reviews for Plank Magazine

Dance Response for CADA/West

Reflection / Refraction

Performance art inspired by short films, wrapped in a queer blanket.

Five performance artists are given a short film (5 minutes or less) five months in advance of the show. They are tasked with creating a new piece of performance inspired by the film. There are no boundaries to how that inspiration must play.

The curators, Kristina Lemieux and Jen Crothers, keep them on task and provide critical feedback to challenge their creative process.


Queer Arts Festival 2013 | Description

Queer Film Festival 2011 | Description | Photos

Brief Encounters

I am the Artistic Producer of this innovative, interdisciplinary performance series. We take  diverse artists, pair them together and give them two weeks to create a 5-15 minute performance piece.

BE 18 - Sam and Isolde

From Brief Encounters 18, Sam Mullins and Isolde N Barron
Photographer Kyla Bailey

SANKASET: A series of dialogues on arts organizations, audience engagement and citizenship.


For SANKASET I invite two leaders in the Vancouver community to join me for a 45-60 minute dialogue on directed topics in art and culture. This series of dialogues will have three overarching themes:

  • Alternative ways of structuring not-for-profit organizations – how can we look at other sectors and models and find ways to increase the sustainability and viability of the sector
  • Artistic citizenship – what does it mean to be an artist and participating in your community
  • Audience Engagement – how can we keep those who come to see art engaged and increase their investment in the sector creatively and financially

Following the dialogue there is an open discussion with all attendees.

The dialogues will be from 5-7pm at a variety of locations. Upcoming dates.

Stanley Park Polar Bear Pits

The Unknown Knowns (TUK) is an interdisciplinary workshop introduced by Vancouver-based theatre company Boca Del Lupo, in conjunction with a working group of artistic project facilitators.

TUK will breathe life back into a forgotten cultural legacy of Vancouver by creating a framework for artistic exploration to investigate and interpret the Stanley Park polar bear pit with the purpose of developing and sharing pieces of work.

I join this team as the Production Manager.

Heather Pawsey (Opera) and Kathryn Cernauskas (Flute) performing on our day of experimentation in September 2012

Vancouver Vancouver Vancouver

Produced on the occasion of the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Vancouver by Vanessa Kwan, Vancouver Vancouver Vancouver encompassed a roving kiosk, a set of 3 custom postcards, and It was my honour to join the team as the Project Manager.

Labour Rights of Artists

Graphic by Deanna Peters

The labour rights of professional performing artists is a deep passion of mine. Vancouver has some amazing organizations working to support this.

I was the Program Manager of CADA/West for 2.5 years, an organization that supports dance artists as an integral part of our culture and is a membership of dance artists working together to raise the professional standards within the dance sector.

I also am a member of the Greater Vancouver Professional Theatre Alliance whose work with theatre is powerful.

Actsafe is also a crucial part of the labour landscape.