About Kristina

I am a tenth generation settler from France on my paternal side. I bear the name Lemieux. On my maternal side I am first generation settler from Netherlands. I hold the name Kristina with a K. I was taught to speak only English despite both my parents’ bilingualism. I grew up on Treaty 6 territory which is the home and traveling routes to the Métis, Plains Cree, Tsuu T’ina and other Indigenous peoples, although this information was not known to me in my youth. I am a woman, queer, educated and white. Though I have come from a multiplicity of places I have no roots, save for those taught to us by the dominant culture. I am drawn to those with a clear sense of identity and culture that is excluded by our culture in a variety of ways including many systemic barriers.


Kristina Lemieux is an accomplished arts administrator with more than 18 years of experience, and contemporary dancer. Her passion for the arts has driven collaboration, creation and innovation in the Vancouver arts scene for the last decade. A recent transplant to Toronto, Kristina is the Executive Director of Generator.

Over the past decade, she has worked with many of the Vancouver’s art organizations: Arts Umbrella, New Works, Out On Screen (Queer Film Festival), Vancouver International Bhangra Celebration, Playwrights Theatre Centre, Canadian Alliance of Dance Artists/West Chapter (CADA/West), Tara Cheyenne Performance, Theatre Replacement, Progress Lab 1422 (a project of Vancouver Creative Space Society), Vancouver International Dance Festival (VIDF) and Vancouver Art Gallery.

Kristina is the Artistic Producer for Brief Encounters, a production company that supports, enhances, and amplifies the work of interdisciplinary artists and spaces that light the fires of diverse, interdisciplinary creation. Recently, she launched The Scaffold, a consulting, administration and skill development service designed to support performing artists and groups. She currently acts as a director on the Board of Directors for 110 Arts Cooperative (The Post at 750), Up in the Air Theatre (rEvolver Festival), and Music on Main.

Kristina is most passionate about dialogue in the arts, and to this end, achieved a certificate in Dialogue and Civic Engagement, has founded a series on audience engagement and citizenship and is co-founder of Polymer Dance, a group dedicated to bringing dance experiences to non-professional dancers.