2. March 12 – Getting Engaged & Citizen Stereotypes

I have invited two deeply engaged citizens in Vancouver (however neither in the arts) to sit down with me and talk about civic engagement and citizen stereotypes and the challenges of getting our peers to participate. We will be focusing our discussion around Matt Leighninger’s book “The Next Form of Democracy.” We will read Chapter 2 – Is Everything Alright in Kansas City? which can be found on Google Books. I welcome you to read this document in preparation for the dialogue between myself and these two leaders:

Elijah van der Giessen – Connector

Eli strives to be a connector – the interstitial tissue that holds the muscle of a community together. He’s been a volunteer manager, an event organizer and a digital campaigner. Basically he’ll take any gig that allows him to enable a group of passionate people to create things they love. Currently he’s the NetSquared Local Community Curator supporting a global volunteer network of 50 monthly meetups for the nonprofit technology sector. Together they hold over 450 events per year.

Trevor Loke – Parks Commissioner

Elected in 2011 – and becoming Vancouver’s youngest ever elected official – Commissioner Trevor Loke has been a champion for Parks and Recreation in Vancouver. Trevor continues his active involvement in the Vancouver Sports Community through hockey as goaltender for the Vancouver Cutting Edges while serving as Park Board Commissioner.
In addition to his role Trevor is an avid volunteer, sitting on the Board of Directors for the YouthCO HIV and Hep-C Society, and the Vancouver Board of Change.
As Commissioner, Trevor is a passionate advocate for accessible and inclusive public space, an active and healthy city, and sound public administration.

If you missed the evening,
you can relive the dialogue.