Posted on November 8, 2016

Since 2015, I have been running my projects under the name Scaffold. Scaffold is a shared platform that supports a variety of independent artists and small-incorporated arts organizations. This support may involve coaching, advising, supporting, reviewing, planning, and, in rare cases, doing. Scaffold is structured so artists pay a consistent monthly fee and have access to a set number of hours over a six-month period. This structure allows artists and small nonprofits to budget for the expense and access the support whenever it is needed.

Scaffold is a flexible structure for exchange where construction is resisted and collaborative efforts land on one-size-fits-one processes which are developed, lived with, abandoned and revisited within multiple non-hierarchical points that shift and settle with one or more of the Scaffolders. We are, all at once, alone and connected. This collective roam may be directed or may be arbitrary. Through connections we work with curiosity to find ways to spread our works and support ourselves in the style that allow us to live the life we want to.

I facilitate Scaffold. My role is to care of those supported within. Bringing in, supporting, focusing and connecting the individuals who make up our whole. Connections are made through relationships and a shared value in practicing from a space of reciprocity, collaboration, plenty and tenacity.

Scaffold is created through an invite-in process, where participation is evaluated by each Scaffolder and myself every six months. Efforts are made to work alone and together to nurture the structure we all inhabit.