Know what you do and why

I love moments of confluence. Yesterday I was teaching pre-professional dance artists about Artist Statements and today I watched Taylor Mac’s manifesto. What if we administrators moved through our careers with the same stated public devotion as an artist? What if we managed our companies, produced our shows and marketed the artists we support with the same kind of guiding principles we ask the artists to share about the work they create?

Two quotes:

1. Taylor Mac’s manifesto from the symposium at Under the Radar earlier this month – skip to 37:15-55:48 (Thanks to Joyce Rosario for sending me the link).

“I believe administration is an artform, but if you are an administrator who really wants to do a different form of art, you should quit your administration job and do that other art and make room for administrators to take your job who actually love what they do.”

Artist and dog arrive by Melbourne Express

2. Not Nothing: A Review of Artist Statements by Cindy BLAŽEVIĆ for The Toronto Review of Books (Page 55-58)

“It sounds simple but is actually a painstaking process that makes artists uncomfortably vulnerable. Writing such a statement requires a difficult introspection that lays bare the often insecure train-of-thought that was going through your mind when you positioned the paintbrush just so on the canvas, your subject just so in front of your lens, your sculpting knife just so on a lump of clay. It sets the tone. And, often, art does not speak for itself.”

Watch out for my artist statement on my art, administration, coming soon.

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PuSh Festival 2013 Picks

The PuSh Festival is one of my most favourite festivals in Vancouver. The work is innovative and intriguing. Even when a piece of work is not my taste, I can see how the work moves the performing arts forward. Here are my picks for 2013:

Must see Dance:
Cédric Andrieux – One of the most important pieces of dance I’ve ever seen. What does it mean to have a historical reference to dance? How do we remember each other?
Still Standing You – It says they pull each others’ penises. Enough said

Must see Theatre:
Winners and Losers – It makes me want to cry, laugh (nervously and hilariously), get angry, depressed and then think a lot.
Ride the Cyclone – Local musical theatre at its very, very best!
Winnipeg Babysitter – If you have never seen storyteller Daniel Barrow, you should.

Must see Music:
Ana Sokolovic’s Svadba/Wedding – Everything Music on Main touches is brilliant. New opera. Don’t miss it.
Club PuSh late nights presents Vancouver music darlings – Corbin Murdoch and the Nautical Miles and e.s.l.

Also a shout out to Vanessa Kwan’s SadSack night.

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